Sell More With A Point Of Sale That Gives You So Much More.

Automation is the key to scaling any business. With the ActivityRez Point of Sale, your entire team can use one system to manage all of your sales transactions. Add Point of Sale locations as quickly as your team can grow and log in from anywhere in the world on any device. How’s that for scale?

Activity Booking Engine Point of Sale

5 Day View5 Day View

More options for more revenue.

ActivityRez’s 5 day view allows staff to easily get an idea of availability for a wider range of days in a single glance. Based on availability, they can recommend different times or options to increase conversions and revenue per transaction.

Activity Booking Engine Point of Sale Smart Log

Smart LogSmart Log

Always know the lay of the land.

Get full sales audit history with the ActivityRez Smart Log so you know what took place on every single transaction. Your staff will have more knowledge about each sale and will be able to service your customers better than ever. You even have the ability to leave comments that can only be seen internally or leave a comment for your suppliers and agencies to create a two way dialog.

Drawer ReportingDrawer Reporting

Get all of the numbers you need to run your business.

Get your end of day numbers with ActivityRez’s built in reporting features. Easily track inventory, commissions, and cashier balance reports all from within your point of sale. Get even more data from our powerful ad hoc reporting engine. All of these metrics will help you keep your team on track to reach their goals.

Activity Booking Engine Point of Sale Transaction Plaque
Activity Booking Engine Point of Sale Inventory Plaque
Activity Booking Engine Point of Sale Cashier Plaque
Activity Booking Engine Point of Sale Commissions Plaque
Activity Booking Engine Point of Sale

POS DashboardDashboard

Mission control for your staff.

Once logged into the POS, agents can view all of the information they need for maximum efficiency. Easily generate graphs of commissions earned or top grossing activities. See notifications in real time when inventory is sold out or to confirm availability of activities.

Activity Booking Engine Point of Sale Cloud-based Architecture

Cloud-based ArchitectureCloud-based Architecture

Let us do the heavy lifting.

The ActivityRez Point of Sale can be accessed from anywhere at anytime due to the latest cloud based technology. Never worry about dealing with IT departments or hardware issues again. Let us maintain the technology for you so you can focus on your day-to-day business.

Ticket Forfeiture

Ticket Forfeiture

Tour Booking Engine Ticket Forfeiture
Depending on your cancellation policy you may want to free up your inventory without issuing a refund. Easily forfeit a customer’s ticket with the click of a button so no inventory goes unsold.
Split Payments

Split Payments

Tour Booking Engine Split Payments
Accept multiple payment types and split payments between whichever tender is most convenient for your customer.
Reseller Credit

Reseller Credit

Tour Booking Engine Reseller Credit
Increase your additional revenue streams by allowing your resellers to call you on the phone to make a booking. Then easily give credit for any sale to your resellers and affiliates from within your Point of Sale.
Search Sales

Search Sales

Tour Booking Engine Search Sales
With multiple search filters and criteria, you can pull up past sales in a snap. Find bookings quickly and with ease to provide the best service possible.